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Once in a Blu Moon do you find a nutrient line this good!
Blu Moon is a nutrient system created by a master grower to give your crops everything they need to be exceptional.
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Once you use Blu Moon you will never buy another brand again.
 Blu Moon began as a product of the Northwest's Indoor Garden & Lighting, Inc. 20 years ago. Our owner, Mike Long, strove to deliver a product that would be consistent and of supreme quality. The result was Blu Moon's original Two Part Dutch Formula. Made in small , controlled batches with only the highest quality minerals ensures that Blu Moon Two Part Grow and Bloom will always consistently deliver a high quality yield for all growers. Over the years, Blu Moon's has not only stood up to what is considered the best nutrient lines out there, but has consistently outperformed them. After the success of the original Blu Moon formula, Blu Moon set out to create an equally effective additive line. We have partnered with biochemists and horticulturists, and after years of research and development we have a full line of effective and unique nutrient additives. So whether your growing in soil, coco, hydroponics, or soil less media Blu Moon is sure to deliver the best quality, performance, and value.

Blu Moon 2 Part Base Grow & Bloom Formula
Blu Moon Original Formula was created over 20 years ago and has been used by Master Gardeners for years to achieve prized results. Blu Moon can be used in hydroponics, soil, coco, or soil less applications. Blu Moon is made in small, controlled batches with only the purest, highest quality minerals so all gardeners can enjoy the most out of growing. Blu Moon has stood up to all major nutrient lines and will outperform any of them side by side. Blu Moon delivers the best quality, performance and value of any nutrient on the market today.

Bio-Active Nutrient: Grow & Bloom Blu Moon Bio Active Grow and Bloom nutrients are the premium choice for soil, soil less, or coco growing media. The bio active elements in this formula help transform the nutrients into their most available form which delivers better flavor, aroma and fruit and flower production. Each formula is made to meet all of the necessary requirements for optimum plant health and vigor. Blu Moon Bio Active Grow and Bloom will easily and economically deliver incomparably beautiful and flavorful results in your garden.
 Microbes include fungi, bacteria and enzymes. When proper microbial colonies are present in the biosphere in the roots, nutrient absorption is greatly enhanced; specifically the uptake and utilization of calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. In other words, without the right biology, the chemistry and physics of gardening will not work properly. Blu Moon products such as Andromeda Strain, Carbon Jolt! and Bio-Active Grow & Bloom are all designed to provide the most aggressive and resilient microbiology to your plants. Years of research have resulted in the development of microbiological strains that will not only survive, but thrive in the high mineral environment of hydroponics and soil or soil less applications.
The Philosophy Behind Blu Moon Additives ..... It's All About The Microbes!
Andromeda Strain
Blu Moon's Andromeda Strain is the product of over 15 years of research and development. Through extensive analysis our researchers were able to identify the most resilient strains of beneficial bacteria and microbes that will perform well in high mineral environments found in most hydroponic systems.
Mega Roots
A beautiful garden starts with the roots. Root development is essential for proper nutrient absorption. Your plants are only as good as their root structure. Mega Roots is an affordable root zone conditioner that contains key ingredients that assist in root zone formation for improved nutrient and water uptake when added during root formation stage.

Carbon Jolt!
Carbon Jolt! is a unique carbohydrate synthesizer that contains many forms of sugars that enhance flavor and aroma in fruits and vegetables. Carbon Jolt! will improve nutrient chelation, and increases sugar content which optimizes cell division. Carbon Jolt! is derived from a proprietary glyconutrient complex blend of polysaccharides, monosaccharides, fructose, dextrose and sucrose. 
Calcium is an essential building block for cell development in stock and stem. Very often calcium is not available in a usable form to plants. Cal-Magic will deliver calcium and magnesium in a readily usable form which will increase overall plant mass and will assist with abiotic stress. Improves flavor, aroma, and essential oil production.

Super 'B'
Super B is a synergistic formula that contains many beneficial ingredients such as humic acid, amino acids, ascophyllum nodosum, mineralized carbohydrate complexes, fulvic acid, and B vitamins. Super B will improve vitality, increases root growth, improve flavor and aroma of fruits and vegetables as well as improves the availability of nutrients. Super B provides the building blocks for plant growth hormones and helps strengthen plants during times of abiotic stress. Super B is formulated from the finest raw ingredients that are processed with proprietary fermentation extraction and then blended to bring a very unique product.
Ambition Ambition is a powerful bloom P-K additive that utilizes key compounds to optimize the overall development of flowers. Ambition is effective in both soil and hydroponic applications.
﷯ Mycor-Magic Mycor-Magic is the most advaced mycorrhizal product on the market. Mycorrhizae colonize the root zone, forming a partnership with the plants roots,greatly increasing the size and effective surface area. The result is your plants have an increased nutrient uptake and are more toleant to drought. Mycor- Magic is made with fragments of colonized roots, mycelia and spores of six naturally occurring endo mycorrhizae. Mycor-Magic is 2X stronger than any other product on the market so it goes a long way.
Armor Plant Wash Blu Moon’s Armor Plant Wash is an all-purpose leaf polish, plant wash and wetting agent. Armor is a universal product that will not only improve spray coverage and create stronger, healthier foliage without burning leaf tissue.

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